A portfolio of work done for some very happy customers.

Below you will find a selection of work we have completed. The selection has been made to try and give an example of the wide variety of choices available.

Digital Suite 2021
Together we can...

An internal video for Digital Suite. A way to encourage our audience, clients and suppliers that together we can make 2021 the best year ever.

Growth In Motion - Ringing in 2021

A short promotional video to ring in the new year. Aimed at motivating and encouraging their clients to face 2021 and make it a year of transformation and change..

Clientèle Life Investments - Guaranteed Income Plan and Guaranteed Growth Plan

A short 1 minute introduction to Clientèle Investments Guaranteed Product Range.  The brief was to keep the video as close to 1 minute as possible. We came in at 1:24 seconds given the two hundred word script. So its fast paced but to the point. Great team work. 

Clientèle Estate Preservation Plan

A video produced for the Independent Financial Advisors accredited to market the Estate Preservation Plan. This video has interactive layers, provided via our DS Interactiv suite, which allow the audience to interact within the video. Such as click to get a quote etc.

Growth In Motion Introduction

An introduction video created for the FNB Service Provider Expo. Designed to later integrate with an interactive full set video.

The script and voiceover were supplied by the client.

Growth In Motion Change Management

The second video in a series of four videos for Growth In Motion. This video will be integrated into the final Interactive set.

The script and voiceover were supplied by the client.

Growth In Motion - Coaching

Another video in the series for Growth In Motion. This one showcasing their Coaching Skills.

The script and voiceover were supplied by the client.

Calgas SA Introduction Video

A short Introduction video for Calgas SA. A specialist mixed gas manufacturer.

Tech Feel animation and Outro for logo.

Blackboard Promo

Be different. Try something new for yor next sales presentation. Digital Suite will create a Animated Video Presentation for you, in a style of your choice…. 

Sales Information

A 2D Animated video made in the format of an explainer video for the Financial Services Sector.

Utilising Voice Over and 2D animation.

Explainer Information Sharing

Another 2D Animated Explainer video for the Insurance Industry.

This video focuses on Business-2-Business Communications.

Information Sharing

A weekly Video produced to cover announcements and informative case studies.

Financial Services sector. Made in 2D Animation.

YouTube Channel

This video is a full real feel video. Various elements were created for continous use on a YouTube Channel. These includes creating an Intro, Outro, and Title Elements which can be reused on a regular basis for furture posts.

Includes Voice Over, Background dramatic Music, and sound effects.

Promotion/Marketing Video

A real feel product video to promote a concept, and drive prospects towards a product.

Background Music, and Voice Over.

Short Animated Stills Slideshow

Extended Warranty: Worth it for luxury cars (case study)

42 Second High Energy Case Study for AutoGenCoZa Advertising via YouTube and Social Media Channels.

Play Video


A short punchy video designed to Introduce the Team to Clients in a clever Secret Agent style.

This video is made in a green screen digital style. Fast and funky.

Training andAccreditation

This is the “Introduction” video, which forms part of a 10 part series used in an Online Training and Accreditation course for an Insurance Product.

Implemented into a Learner Management System with online modules, and assessments.

Made in a Real Feel style with Voice Over.

Gavin Brown Q4U

If you are an individual or business who owns multiple vehicles in the George area, then you will know that Long queues are the norm at George Vehicle licensing department.
And things only look to get worse with social distancing.
Dont waste your valuable time standing around
For a small fee of R150 per vehicle per year
Gavin will Queue for You.

Everything Water Plumbing Blackboard Promo 34 Sec Version

Everything Water is a full service plumbing company working along the Garden Route. This project was created to assist with brand awareness, and marketing of their services in their localised area.

Bakkie Buddy Reliable Movers

A short call to action Blackboard video for Bakkie Buddy in Capetpown.