What is Interactive Video?

Interactive video is an engaging video style brought to you by Digital Suite’s DSInteractiv division. 

DSInteractiv is a custom video player which allows you to add engaging, interactive layers to your videos.

The interactive videos play like regular videos, but have the added benefit of interactive layers such as clickable graphics, action buttons, quizzes and “hot-spots”. 

With a little bit of imagination and creativity, coupled with HTML integration, DSInteractiv Interactive Video allows you to insert questions, calculations, results, lead capture, and personality assessments directly into the video experience. And with some cleaver video production planning, conversational videos will allow the user to interact with a video in a turn-based manner, almost as though the user was having a simple conversation with the characters in the video.

Lead your audience down a sales funnel, or a story line based on the answers or choices thy make within the video.

Change the way you communicate!

What can Interactive Video
be used for?

Corporate Training and Accreditation

Interactive Video in the Training and Accreditation environment allows one to set quizzes, or video paths based on the users decisions. Essentially leading them down a path, and correcting them if they chose a wrong answer. All using video.


Allow your audience to interact with your sales message. Create a Sales Funnel within a video. Target videos for specific audiences; ie. Male or Female. Car or Bike etc.


Engage your marketing audience with interactive content. Allow them to learn more about your product or services by chosing content that excites them. All people are different, and Interactive Video allows you to present content specific to various user groups.

Internal Commuications

Investment Relations, Human Resources, and CEO announcements. Use interactive video to present your content in Chapters, allowing you to focus each individual video clearly on the topic at hand. Interactive video is a great tool for new staff orientation.

Talent Acquisition

Using Interctive Video in Talent Acquisition can help you detail the position in a clear and concise way. Use Interactive Quiz layers to funnel down requirements, or show possible candidates more about the environment they will work in, and the people they will work with. 

Interactive Infographic Presentations

Tired of boring Investment or Sales Reports. Spice up your reports using Infographic Animated Video, overlayed with Interactive layers. Let your audience engage with the content, click on sections, graphs and icons to show them more about how the numbers were arrived at.

Market Research

Use the Quiz features, or Yes / No type questions to lead your research users along a set of questions. When they reach an end point have them interact with an element from your website to log their ultimate outcome. The Sky, and beyond, is the limit. Get Creative. Get Interactive.

Online Courses and Educational Content

Instead of creating boring lengthy videos in power point style, now you can add interactive layers to your courses. Allow your audience to engage with you, and your questions, and show them content specific to those answers. Think laterally and you will grow your Online Course Business exponentially.

Watch the
Promo Video

Click to Play. Take a walk through an interctive video, and learn more about Digital Suite, and why interactive video can work for your business

Interactive Elements

DSInteractiv offers a wide range of interactive elements and layers which can be incorporated into your interactive videos. Browse below to learn a little more, and engage your creativity.


Add an email layer to collect names and email address for subscriptions, newsletters, or course attendance. These can be collected via our online database, or integrated with some of the most popular third party systems via webhooks or Api's

Custom HTML

Dream it and you can build it. Cutom HTML allows for functions like "Click to Call" in its simplest form, to more elaborate interctive layers. Pull up forms from your website, or e-Commerce integrations.

Hot Spot Layers

Hot Spots can be layed over elements in your video to make them interactive. For example, showing a cat and dog in your video, and then asking the audience to choose which is their favorite animal. By layering a Hot Spot over each animal allows users to click to chose. Hotspots alllow you to play another video, visit a URL, or skip to another time in the same video.

Custom Buttons

Buttons can be added to create an interactive choice. Choices available with Buttons are to Play Another Video, Skip to another time in the same video, or link to a external URL.

Text Layers

Text layers allow you to add text to your video as an enhancement to the other elements.

Dynamic Text

Dynamic text is a word or phrase that is automatically inserted into the text element. Using dynamic text empowers your video with custom personalised elements. For example, when a log-in user watches your video you can insert their name by drawing on a parameter from the URL or similar. Make your content personal and dynamic.

Interactive Images

Layer graphics on top of your video. These graphics are interactive, and can be programmed to open a URL, Play another video, or skip to another time in the same video.

Pop-Up Layers

Pop-Up layers can be used for just about anything. Call-To-Action, e-Commerce Products, Email Collection. WHen the Pop-Up is presented, the video will stop, and wait for an action from your audience.

Interactive Outros

End your videos with a Custom Outro Layer. Similar to a pop-up, varius interactive layers can be added. The Outro pops up once the video runs to an end. Can be made into an interactive business card, or offer more options like an interactive menu

Social Sharing

You can switch on or off the option for the interactive video to be shared across multiple social media platforms. A great way for your audience to show you love.

And while these videos are hosted on our bespoke DSInteractiv Video Player, our "Share Link" allows you to share these videos on all social media platforms.


Interactive Video which utilises multiple videos within the same set-up can be set to show chapters in the Players Control Bar. This is handy for Educational, Training and Internal Commuication videos. You can show certain videos as a chapter, allow users to easily choose to watch another video within the group.

Auto Play

Set the Click-2-Play button, or set the video to Autoplay.

Allow Comments

Our DSInteractiv player allows us to switch on/off Likes, and Comments for your video. Get reaction from your audience and share those with other viewers.

Embed Code

Our videos are hosted on the bespoke DSINteractiv player, but are easily embedded on any website which allows you to enbed other videos. We provide you with a unqiue embed code to add these videos onto your homepage, training site, or online course websites.

Analytics and Pixels

DSInteractiv tracks user engagement on all videos to allow us to share insights with you. But you can also add your Facebook Pixels to the video settings. When we enter your FB pixel, we will be able to pass through custom data for you to track.


Most frequent questions and answers

Interactive videos are the tool for achieving your marketing and communication objectives. Interactive video is part of a broader trend involving lean-forward communication and has been proven to be effective. Interactive video is used for giving advice and for lead generation, customer service and support, loyalty campaigns and e-learning.

The interactive functions of the DSINteractiv video player work on all modern desktop computers and tablets.

Yes, interactive elements can be added to all videos. What we do recommend, however, is that organisations consider carefully which interactive options they would like to use and preplan the story board to ensure maximum impact.

DSInteractiv is a video player owned by Digital Suite. Digital Suite will create and build your interactie video for you. We do offer access to corporate clients who want to build multiple Interactive Videos and have direct access to making changes as and when needed. This comes at a cost, so please contact us directly for more information.

When you share a DSInteractiv video to Facebook, the video is placed in your timeline like any other piece of content.  You can also use some of the 3rd party services to embed a video into one of your Facebook tabs.

We do not offer the ability to upload to Facebook’s video player.  That would require access to Facebook’s video player API which they have not made available to developers.

Our website has a secure connection https the protocol over which data is sent between your browser and the website. The ‘S’ at the end of HTTPS stands for ‘Secure’. It means all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted.

There are no limitations to the length of the video.

Typical timeline to create an interactive video is 2-3 business days.

We charge a once off set up fee, which will be dependant on what elements and layers you wish to add. This excludes the actual video, which you may supply, or you can ask Digital Suite to produce for you.

Once the video interactive layers have been produce, there is a small monthly hosting fee. 

The current hosting fee is *ZAR 50 (excluding VAT) per month.

*Approx $2.70c pm.(Aug 2020)

es, we provide an embed code for your interactive video which can be embedded to your website or any other website you choose.

We also provide you with a Share Link to allow you to share to various Social Media Platforms.

With a powerful interaction and data layer delivered from the cloud, the interactive video integrates seamlessly with your current website.

There is no limitation for the number of interactive elements to be added to the video. You can choose any number of elements you need to achieve your marketing goals. But please keep in mind that too many interactive elements overload the video, distract the viewer and can slow down the performance of the video.

Yes, we do. With years’ of experience in video production we know how to make your video effective and compelling and what interactive elements to use to increase engagement and conversion. We are happy to share our knowledge with you.

Facebook and Twitter do not support third-party interactive video technology. Best practice for sharing an interactive video on Facebook or Twitter is to share a link to the web page where the video is embedded or to the interactive video landing page.

This then helps to direct traffic to your web channels where you can focus on conversion.

We recommend adding a poster image of the video to increase click-through rate to the page.

We also provide you with a direct sharelink to the video which can be used for sharing to Social Media Platforms, and works like sharing any other content.

YouTube does not support third-party interactive video technology. Our suggestion is that you utilise YouTube to drive people to your website and landing pages where interactive video can be used to increase conversion. YouTube should form an integral part of your video marketing strategy and is good for ‘top of the funnel’ awareness but on the downside can be very distracting for the viewer with ads and banners etc. Interactive Video will allow you to personalise the experience for the viewer on your website where you’re in control.