Domain Registrations

Once you have your company on the go, its time to get yourself some world wide exposure. And the first step of getting into the internet of things, is to register your blogg, or company a domain name. This is like your physical address. This is your own place on the web. There are many domains out there, and we have listed a few below, and you should really choose your domain based on your business need, and the region you operate in.

If you are interested, let us help you register your domain, and get you started.

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Sub-domains - R 150 p.a

.com - R 329 p.a.

.net - R 429 p.a.

.info - R 519 p.a.

.biz - R 479 p.a.

.de - R 318 p.a.

.durban - R 438 p.a.

.joburg - R 438 p.a.

.africa - R 778 p.a.

.tv - R 1,358 p.a.

.org - R 438 p.a. - R 638 p.2yrs - R 150 p.a.

.capetown - R 438 p.a.

.eu - R 278 p.a.

.mobi - R 498 p.a.

.co - R 818 p.a.

.cc - R 1,178 p.a.