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Whiteboard and Animated explainer videos are one of the best ways to describe your product, service or mission in a clear and engaging way.

You can choose a style that best suits your brand. These include White Board, 2D Animation, Kinetic Typography or Motion Graphics.

White Board

White Board can tackle both technical and fantastic ideas that may be difficult for an audience to understand. And you can do it in an engaging and educational ways.

Motion Graphics

If your message is slightly higher brow, then Motion Graphics is the way to go. It is 2D animation without the whimsical characters but utilises animation of other elements to bring your message through to your audience.

2D Animation

2D animation style videos can lighten the mood of a message. Using whimsical animated characters that humanise your brand and builds trust within your audience. 

Kinetic Typography

If words are the hero of your story, the Kinetic Typography can literally bend words to your will. Using words as the star of the video and animating to give effect.

Digital Suite Style Promo

Not sure what style you want to go for?

Watch the video to the right, and “see what tickles your fancy”.

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Design services

We offer our Clients a wide range of options when it comes down to Animated Video. 

View our past work portfolio to get some ideas of how we can help your brand reach new audiences.

Animated Logo Stings

Power short clips which give you brand a boost. Perfect Intro's and Outro's for you social media marketing and Vlog's. Digital SUite has awide rangeof Logo Stings which are customisable to your brand at a cost effective rate.

Custom Videos

Custom Made: Here we sit with you, the customer, and take a brief to produce a custom made video in a style and length of your choice. This may be a short explainer 2D animation video. Or a Sales Pitch Proposal.