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More About 30 SECOND
"Elevator Speech Videos"

What is a 30 second elevator Speech video ?

An elevator speech (video) is a clear, brief message or “commercial” about you or your business.
It communicates who you are,  how you can benefit your client etc. It’s typically about 30 seconds, the time it takes people to ride from the top to the bottom of a building in an elevator.

how many words are in the script for a 30 sec elevator Speech video?

This elevator speech video is idealy not longer than 25 to 30 seconds,  or in words approximately 65 to 80 words. or in sentences about 8 to 10 short sentences.

What should you include in a 30 sec Elevator Speech video ?

Typically it would be outlined to provide maximum impact with minimum word count. It would include the followin: The Opening, The Problem you can solve, The Solution you offer, The Secret Sauce – Why you,  and The Call To Action.


30 Sec Elevator

Sales video

Running Time - Seconds (Max)

Background Music

Voice Over Recording* with Commerical Rights 

Number of Words

Script Writing**


File Format

Delivery Time***

Extra Over for 4 day Delivery

Audio Sinc Subtitles****

* Denotes Extra Over


Only Applicable to Whiteboard, Blackboard, Green Board, or Glass wall videos.


Max 4 scenes

30-35 seconds

Maximum 75-word script.

30 sec Elevator sales video

Starting from

R 2,499

excl. VAT

< = 30  Seconds


(Royalty Free)

+ R 1,750


+ R  1,499

Up to 1080p


7 - 10 Days

+ R 1250

+ R 750

* If Selected by us. You may choose your own at your own cost

** Using our Scriptwriter. You can supply your own script if you chose.

*** subject to which services are selected

**** Unlimited review on animation aspects. Once the script and voiceover are concluded, any changes will be charged accordingly.

Note: All Prices EXCLUDE VAT


Pan and Zoom Animation

Customs Artwork detailing


Full Payment on Order

The client supplies a 75-word script unless you chose the script option.

Below you will find more information pertaining to the Custom Videos

Prices are subject to confirmation of your brief, and are Inclusive of:

✪Royalty-Free Background Music
✪ Resolution as described
✪ Note on Revisions: After we record the Voice Over, any editing in the script will cost extra. So please ensure you are 100% happy with your script before sending it to us.

The entire process typically takes about 6-7 business days in total:

  • If Included, Scriptwriting (Corrections and Tweaking) 1 day;
  • If Included, Voiceover recording 1-2 days;
  • Set up and Story Boarding 1 day;
  • Animation 2-3 days;
  • Reivision 1 day

Revisions cover animation adjustments once the script is approved or provided. 

You can order any length you want and you can customize your order as you desire. We will quote for your specifics.

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