Digital and Video Communication​

Utilise Animated Video to raise your brand above the competition.

Change the way you communicate and you will change the way your audience experiences your brand.

Changing the way leading brands communicate

Let Digital Suite take your brand message to the next level

Grab Attention

Be Different. Do things differently. Out-play your competition.

Keep Attention

Animated Video helps keep your audience attention fixed to your message for longer.

Convert Attention Into Action

Being Creative brings better results.

Custom Animated Videos

Make an impact. Delivery your message via a fun and exciting medium. Whether its Whiteboard, Cartoon, Modern or Real Feel. 

Animated Video makes an IMPACT.

2D Animation

2D animation style videos can lighten the mood of a message. Using whimsical animated characters that humanise your brand and builds trust within your audience.

Whiteboard Animation

White Board can tackle both technical and fantastic ideas that may be difficult for an audience to understand. And you can do it in an engaging and educational ways.

Blackboard Animation

Black Board is similar to the White Board animation, but has a more familiar feel to audiences. A great way of tackling complex issues in a series of short effective communications.

Glassboard Animation

Simple sketches, with the animator behind the Glass Board allows for more technical explinations. Gives the feeling of watching a techincal explanation in a boardroom.

Motion Graphics

If your message is slightly higher brow, then Motion Graphics is the way to go. It is 2D animation without the whimsical characters but utilises animation of other elements to bring your message through to your audience.

Kinetic Typography

If words are the hero of your story, the Kinetic Typography can literally bend words to your will. Using words as the star of the video and animating to give effect.


Creative and Imapctful openings for your video content. Typically a short scene / recap and/or some opening titles or credits at the beginning of the video to give the viewer an idea of the content or its theme


“Outro's” are a creative way to finsish off your videos. Whether for corporate, YouTube or your weekly Vlog. A creative Outro can leave a lasting impact.

Logo Stings

A logo sting is the last impression of your company/brand name that you leave to your audience, so it's key to any video-even if it lasts a couple of seconds.


Promo Video

It’s all about the vibe. Animated Video has so many options to help you get your message accross LOUD and CLEAR.

Watch our Promo video to give you some ideas, and let Digital Suite help your change the way you communicate.

Customers reviews

Thanks for the wonderful video advert for my new venture
Gavin Brown
The Blackboard video is unbelievable! Comments from my customers range from nice, awesome, brilliant and very different. Can't wait for the new week to test on the Facebook groups. Love your work. Cheers Alan
Alan Torley
Owner:Everything Water
We all love the video, so a huge thank you for all your input and for your creativity. So eager to get the video out. The LinkedIn and FB team and I have a plan to really spread it out, so hopefully, our followers increase and we get some business out of it.
Mary Hutchison
Director: Growth In Motion