About us

Digitalsuite.co.za is a solution for small to medium sized businesses looking to move their businesses into the digital age.

Our expertise and knowledge has been gained by working with various digital solutions within our own businesses successfully. From simple, effective websites, to integrating lead generation, lead management systems, digital switchboards, and cost effective search engine optimization and Google adword solutions..

Our experience has been gained in the insurance and financial services sectors, which traditionally are among the most competitive online spaces. We have learned by spending our own money to make and save money using digital solutions. This differentiates us from most companies who offer design and websites. They normally have had little experience in cost effective solutions, to maximize the return on the spend of their clients’ money. We know what it feels like to spend too much on a fancy solution without getting a return on your investment.

The team at Digital Suite have been involved in small scale lead generation websites, to large corporate e-commerce end to end solutions design and implementation.

Join up with people that have made it work in our own businesses, and now we offer assistance and solutions for your business to start the journey into the digital age.